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In the decoration industry, "tooling" refers to engineering decoration, such as office buildings, offices, shopping malls, shop decoration and so on. The biggest difference between decoration design of commercial space and home decoration design is that commercial space pursues the goal of maximizing the profit of living room through decoration design, or creating a more conducive working environment for employees. Next, let's take a look at the matters needing attention and details of Jinan tooling decoration. I hope I can help you all! _________


The first thing that tooling enters the field is to evaluate the air. If the air is flat enough, it can be done simply. Otherwise, it needs to stop leveling in the air. Whether the carpet or wooden floor is the ultimate choice in the air, it is the premise to stick to the level air.


Modern office fire protection request is related to the standard, if you choose to decorate the ceiling, all indoor sprinkler must show a certain size ceiling. Of course, it needs to be handed over to a professional company.


If a new space is separated from the room, it is necessary to add a separate smoke sensor according to the fire protection standard, and to ask a professional company to do it, usually the maintenance unit of the building. This item must be changed according to the standard. If it is not corrected properly, the property acceptance will fail.



Many offices in the decoration process, due to the small scope, the weak electricity transformation (including network and telephone lines) often do not go to the special integrated wiring company to do the related construction. At this time, we should pay special attention to the data and voice labeling must be done in the wiring, in order to avoid unnecessary troubles for follow-up work.


Nowadays, many buildings are equipped with central air conditioning and fresh air system, but the indoor air outlet is not necessarily just able to meet their requirements. And this demand decoration companies rely on professionals to extend or renovate indoor air outlets, and the need for ceiling works to cooperate.


When decorating the ceiling of the office, whether we choose asbestos board or mineral wool board, we should use screw and pull rod to suspend it, so as to be durable enough. It is absolutely not allowed to use wire suspension.



When decorating the office, after the entry of office furniture, the strong and weak wiring needs to be installed with the office partition device to each station, not disorderly, so it will easily form a hidden danger of safety and use, so we should pay more attention to it.


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