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How do you check the tiling of ceramic tiles? Below, Ji'nan decorates the company to share means to everybody.


1, look


To detect tile tiling effect, first of all, you can see whether the color and shape of ceramic tiles meet the construction requirements. Tile surface must be guaranteed smooth, no stains, reasonable arrangement of design patterns, the integrity of the pattern of docking. Tile should be laid firmly, and the shape should be correct, shall not be damaged, missing and cracks and other defects. The seams between the tiles to be tight, the width of the right. Tile edge should be neat, not serrated.


2, knock


A small hammer can be used to selectively knock the middle part or dead corner of the tile. If the percussion sound is very clear and empty drums, it shows that the tiling is very tight and compact. If the tile sounds very depressed and empty, that tile paving mortar paving lead position is missing, not tight, the quality of ceramic tile decoration unqualified. Encountered this situation, you need to contact the decoration master will tile shovel, and re paving. In the knock detection process, the best spot detection of tiles in every room in every corner of the empty drum ceramic tile were labeled and negotiation, in order to avoid the completion of long after discovered cause regret.


3, splashing water



The kitchen and bathroom and balcony tile detection, on which water, watching the water flow is smooth, such as ceramic tile surface appeared the phenomenon of water, the tiling is not flat, or paving the slope is not enough. If found that there are indeed problems, after the need to communicate with the decoration workers, pry open, re paving affixed to ensure the quality of ceramic tile shop.


How to check and accept hydropower concealed project? Below, Ji'nan family decoration company to explain to you.


1, check the power of professional pen to check the switch line sequence, remember, be sure to switch must be in the line of fire control.


2, with professional tools, such as pencil or socket detector check socket wire sorting, must ensure that on the left side of the zero line, line on the right side, in a position above the ground, to avoid security risks due to a wrong position of wire.


3, test resistance value is also accepted hydropower hidden project of a link, can use insulation resistance meter to detect each loop insulation resistance value, ensure that the value is not less than 0.5M ohm.


Ji'nan family decoration company


4, the power is not the lack of a condition in a residential environment, however, if there is a power failure or other problem, the source is extremely easy to cause the accident disaster, so need to carefully check. For example, in checking the leakage protector test button, or using the socket detector to check the leakage protector, the action should be flexible.


5, circuit engineering problems, inspection and acceptance completed, followed by waterway acceptance. Open the main valve, with the hand to touch the pipe joint of water supply and drainage pipe, to ensure that the joints are tight, no leakage, drainage should be unimpeded.


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