The plan for the activities of the company office decoration design project, the design area is about 320 square, the designer must do is to communicate with the owners of the initial


In the exchange, designers understand that customers want to create a stylish, modern office space, in the design, designers also follow the principle of the office design, in meeting the needs of enterprises at the same time, also stressed the practical use.


The design here and office area adjacent to, but it is two different function areas, in order to effectively distinguish between designers, but does not destroy the entire space permeability, so designers in the surrounding office area, to form a cabinet for the design of isolation belt, the benefits of this design is that isolated space, and increase the function of the new area.


Activity planning company office office area decoration design case effect diagram


The design of office area, office area open is the first feeling this space for the designer in the design of the time, for every employee to set aside enough space, the cabinet on both sides of the isolation and the surrounding space, but it is not separated, designers need is a a complete whole, expand a small space in the whole.


Event planning company office line decoration renderings design case


Line design: designers in the design, according to the actual situation of the design and layout of the line, line is changed in the designer view according to the actual situation of space, the wide area will be a waste of space, affect the company's office, too narrow would be too stingy, detrimental to the future development of enterprises, so the designers need to set aside the line spacing just according to the actual situation.



The design of office area: This is beside a window, another office area belongs to office space, which should be the needs of the owners, the arrangement of the various parts in different areas, designers in the design, designed according to the attributes of each department, make the property relationship between the domain and the office area. In this case the office efficiency can achieve a multiplier.


The design details of the office area: the designer can see the table in the office of choice, which is painstaking, designer hopes to simple can be carried out in the end, the designers hope for the staff to create a comfortable, relaxed office desk, is of great significance in the office staff level, so the designers hope employees can go to arrange the desk ornament, the maximum extent can take care of everyone.


The design of the conference room: Although the limited space area, but the designer in the design view, meeting room, must not be stingy, because the meeting room itself is very special, the designers hope to make every employee here, can feel the good intentions, here everyone in order to enterprises development and brainstorming.


The design of the pantry space: here is a rectangular lattice, the designer will tea effectively embedded in the edge of the grid, leave enough space for the rest area, the designers hope employees can communicate with each other here, so that every employee here can get away from the pressure of work, respite here to do to prepare for the next work.


The rest of the design space: visible designer's clever design, the use of the ordinary view is still not reasonable, but in the eyes of the designer everything is possible, this provides a hidden place for employees, the impression is warm and safe here, the designers hope employees can feel care and love from the enterprise.



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