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With the development of science and technology and the progress of the times, decoration has become a way for people to decorate their home environment and office environment. But in many cases, people will take home fixtures and mixed, that everybody is looking for decoration, which are the same, in fact not, tooling and decoration are very different, many people do not know where is not the same, let me introduce the difference between tooling and decoration.


Design: when different tooling decoration, especially the top leaders, each person because of age, sex, love culture, and their preferences are different, is picky about decoration design, it is very challenging for designers. And home improvement is relatively easy, many Jiezhuang will have the same place, but it will not deliberately modified. But this is not absolute, some people like to decorate their own style, for home improvement in this area more critical.



And different materials: when tooling decoration materials selection, there are a lot of difference, such as walls, home use more latex paint, wallpaper, wallpaper, and tooling, in addition, there are aluminum panels, fire panels, perforated sound-absorbing panels; the top part, with much of the decoration gypsum board, mineral wool board, and tooling mostly use the grille ceiling; the ground part has the difference of timber specifications. In addition to these, some of the material in the tooling are commonly used, but rarely used in home decoration, such as stainless steel, glass, acrylic, spring, grille lamp, cable and other equipment process than Jiezhuang process requirements more stringent, such as tooling decoration, wall production process is much more complex than the production process TV wall in home improvement; the operation rules for construction of power more strictly, be careful not only in the pipeline, to avoid scratches the insulating layer, but also do cross connection protection, prevent electrostatic ignition caused by fire.


Metope: the wall is the tooling decoration design, mainly focus on the company's corporate culture, attributes and strength of the role, the design concept should be in line with the enterprise, however, Jiezhuang does not exist such design requirements.


Safety: tooling design, decoration and fully test the fire or emergency evacuation problems, this is the priority among priorities, in case of emergency personnel to calm retreat, personnel flow, while the home do not need to consider these, in addition to strong and weak, such as cable wire cloth.


Lighting: lighting, office space lighting designer, according to the different functional areas each with different lighting, to calculate the illumination of the different function region, but also consider the full use of natural light, home lighting is much more simple, is generally the owners to choose according to their preferences and make people can be installed the.


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