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Workwear is also called public outfit, shop decoration, office decoration, exterior wall decoration, indoor environmental protection decoration design of hotels, hotels, shopping malls and other public places.


It refers to the indoor environmental protection decoration design project with a certain scale of public facilities. Public attire, especially the decoration of commercial places, depends to a large extent on the commercial value created by interior environmental decoration design.


The biggest difference between interior decoration design and home decoration design of commercial space is that commercial space seeks to maximize customers'profits through interior decoration design.


Now there are more and more tooling enterprises. It is very important to choose a good tooling company. What should we pay attention to in tooling decoration?


Interior design platform: shop front


Indoor environmental decoration design door is the first time to attract customers'attention, and tell customers what kind of corporate image, what products are sold in the store. Designer design door head is divided into two parts, one is the design part, pay attention to color and size ratio, consider whether the color matches the requirements of corporate brand image design, and whether the relationship between logo and door head size is coordinated; the other part is the use of materials, simple spray painting is the work of small companies.


Interior design platform: facade and store passageway


Interior environmental decoration design with an open sense of the facade is easy to attract customers, it is recommended to use glass doors and windows to improve the temptation. Decoration reminds the shopkeeper that the main channel should be wide or narrow. If customers enter the main channel, they can clearly understand the merits of the case.


Interior design platform: indoor environmental protection decoration design color


It is suggested that the decoration color should be personalized so that it is more different from other stores, so that the stores are more prominent and eye-catching. If the main tone of the brand is reasonably applied in the storefront, the interior environmental decoration design will be more practical, and can fully reflect the internal quality and culture of the enterprise brand.



Interior design platform: lighting and lighting


According to the principle of ergonomics, people's viewing exhibition is light-oriented, so indoor environmental decoration design should reasonably arrange the light and shade of each area in the shop to guide customers to choose and buy. In addition, the lighting of each region should be controlled separately as far as possible. It is suggested that energy-saving lamps be the main type of lamps and lanterns, so as to save energy, electricity and cost.


Interior design platform: corporate image background and POP advertising location


Reminds the image background best to set in the middle position which the storefront entrance can see, highlights the enterprise image, lets the customer have the feeling which is respected. After all the settings have been settled, it is suggested to leave a little space for POP advertisement, which can be in the corner position, on the edge of the negotiation area, or on the idle side of the dead corner, etc. In this way, the overall image of the product will be more comprehensive.


Above is today's Jinan tooling decoration knitting for you to sort out the tooling decoration skills, hope to help you in the decoration, if you want to know more information, please click on our website: http://www.chinazhuoyou.com!


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