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As far as studio decoration is concerned, I believe that many people will think of cost, layout, design drawings, enterprise elements, color matching and 3D model at the first time, and lighting is often neglected.


Lighting in studios, many enterprises are not so particular about it. It is generally believed that the only thing to do is to keep the light consistent. The cost should be balanced. It is almost the same as other companies.


1. Pay attention to the status of space light sources


Operating space is the place where we and our partners engage in close-range visual work for a long time. Bright lighting environment can bring us open, pleasant and efficient operation. The light sources in the workshop are usually two kinds: artificial lighting and natural lighting. Artificial lighting is a series of lighting equipment which consumes electric energy in the workroom.


Natural light sources are abundant and consistent with people's natural work and rest, but the introduction of natural light is directly related to the orientation of the workroom, window opening, weather and curtain shelter. Most of the workshop lighting design advocates natural lighting as the main, artificial lighting as the supplement. Because this is not only a part of cost savings, but also conducive to creating a green and energy-saving working environment.


2. Lighting by area


In addition to attaching importance to natural light and artificial lighting equipment, the administration should pay attention to the different lighting needs of different areas of the working space when it attaches importance to the lighting of the operating room, so as to determine the illumination and light color of the lighting.


1).前台——前台作为企业印象展示区域,一般选用根底照明+ logo布景形象墙要点照明的方法,达到突出企业形象、展示企业实力的作用。

1. Front desk-front desk is the first impression display area of an enterprise. Generally, the method of base lighting + Logo scenery image wall lighting is used to highlight the image of the enterprise and show the strength of the enterprise.


2) Workplace area, as the largest proportion of most workplaces, includes the workplaces of employees, record writing, job communication, meetings and other work behavior. Generally, the lamp layout method with uniform spacing is usually used, and the corresponding lamp lighting is selected in combination with the ground function area. The grid lamp disc is used in the single station area to make the light uniform in the working space and reduce glare. The energy-saving tube lamp is used in the channel area to make up for the light in the channel.


3. Conference Room - Because most of the use of conference rooms has been multi-functional, there should be different options in lighting design to achieve different lighting requirements for functional scenes. For example, meeting rooms with small space should strengthen the role of light and shadow, evenly illuminate the ceiling and walls, and avoid the depression caused by small space.


4. Public access - public access as a public area connecting various departments, its own lighting requirements are not high, it can satisfy the functional lighting. Generally, according to the structure and height of the channel ceiling, the concealed lamp lighting or energy-saving lamp lighting can be selected.


Equipped with uniform illumination in each area, the illumination can be changed appropriately under certain conditions, which can effectively alleviate the lighting atmosphere of the whole workshop.


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