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In recent years, latex paint is more and more popular with consumers. There are many brands of latex paint on the market, and consumers do not know how to choose them. Now let Jinan office decoration to share with you the skills of selecting good quality latex paint?


In fact, there are several principles to choose latex paint:


First, it is washable. Because the walls are easy to get dirty, families with children are more nervous about graffiti. Latex paint with waterproof formula will naturally form a dense waterproof coating after drying. If you use clear water or mild detergent, you can wash the stains very casually without removing the film itself. The latex paint sold on the market only needs the waterproof latex paint which is consumed by the normal manufacturers and conforms to the national standard rules. Some manufacturers especially put forward that the number of wash-resistant times exceeded the national norms several times, in fact, this is not very meaningful for ordinary families, the national norms once fully met the requirements of family decoration.


Secondly, it is the anti-moisture and anti-mildew function of latex paint. Do you have mildew on the walls of your house due to excessive humidity? This is especially true in open rooms, bathrooms, or in wet weather. The latex paint with mildew-proof and moisture-proof formula can effectively prevent the invasion of water on walls and walls, avoid water immersion and the growth of sterile fungi.



The durability of the paint surface is not easy to fade and scatter, which is another key point that consumers should pay attention to when choosing latex paint. Generally speaking, latex paint can persist in 3-5 years of brand-new and bright, which is comparable to the requirements of families.


In addition, we are most concerned about whether latex paint is truly non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly. Here we can inform you that the main ingredients of latex paint are non-toxic resin and water, without lead and mercury. In the process of painting, there will be no irritating breath and no harm to human body, organisms and the surrounding environment. However, you must purchase latex paint products marked with consumer manufacturer, date of consumption and shelf life, as well as lead-free and mercury-free labels.


Finally, it is suggested that when you choose to buy Latex paint, you should not be too superstitious about the technical indicators propagated by some manufacturers. Only the products that meet the national standards can meet your needs in construction and color, and can play a decorative and beautifying role in your home wall.


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