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When decorating the living room, people always want to decorate it as beautiful as possible, but sometimes things go against their wishes. Why? The following Jinan home decoration summarizes some common misunderstandings in the owner's decoration, do you know?

1. 安装吊顶没有考虑层高,只想装一个华丽的吊顶,根本没有考虑房子的高度,吊顶装上之后,完了,整个房子压抑到不行!。

1. Installation ceiling does not consider the floor height, just want to install the most gorgeous ceiling, did not consider the height of the house at all, after the ceiling is installed, finished, the whole house is depressed to no avail!


A: Now the floor height of commercial housing is usually only 2.6-2.8 meters. In order to install a beautiful ceiling, it must be designed according to the height of the living room.


How to choose ceiling?


If the living room floor is very low, or even less than 2.5 meters, it is not suitable to install ceiling in a large area. A circle of two-level ceiling with a width of more than ten centimeters and a height of 10-18 centimeters can be suspended around the house. The light illuminated upwards can be hidden. Do not choose the ceiling with uneven shape, and use glass, mirror and other materials, which will bring great trouble to the ordinary cleaning, hide dirt, and then pollute the indoor air. Gas environment.


2. 安装太多射灯,都说客厅一定要明亮通透。

2. Installation of too many spotlights, said that the living room must be bright and transparent.


It will affect luck, when decoration installed a lot of spotlights.


As a result, it seldom opens, wastes money and accumulates ashes.


A: The choice of lamps and lights must be appropriate.


Too many spotlights can easily cause light pollution. Although the spotlights are small, the energy is very large. Installing too many spotlights may also cause fire. How to arrange the living room lights?


Installation of spotlights is generally not suitable for more than 4, the living room lighting design can use lamp interaction collocation, generally using ceiling lamp + LED lamp band + wall lamp, can also add floor lamp, spotlight and situational lamp to create a different atmosphere, floor height is less than 2.6 meters of living room, should not use gorgeous multi-head chandelier, easy to make people feel heavy and depressed.

3. 为省钱而选便宜的地板砖。选地板砖的时候,一看价格,贵的要一百多,而便宜的才几块钱,想着地板砖选便宜点的能省好多钱呢!

3. Choose cheap floor tiles to save money. When choosing floor tiles, when you look at the price, it costs more than 100 yuan, while the cheaper one is only a few yuan, thinking that the cheaper one can save a lot of money!


Choose a cheap one, and it won't take long to re-lay the floor tiles!


I regret it for a long time!


A: Floor tiles are easy to wear and tear. They are too inexpensive to wear and slip. They are easy to slip and injure and buy floor tiles. They can't save at least the skill of choosing middle-grade or higher floor tiles. It is also important to observe the brightness and gloss of the surface of floor tiles. Wear resistance and stain resistance are also important to see whether the color behind the floor tiles is the same.


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