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Tool decoration can not be done blindly, first of all, to do a good job of positioning, such as Party A's more concerned about the budget positioning and style positioning, only in this way can we make satisfactory results for customers. Next, Jinan tooling decoration will give you a specific talk about how tooling decoration can carry out a correct positioning?


First of all, you have to do a good job in your market positioning, you are positioning the market in the high-end group, or in the low-end group, this is very important, we want to separate your market group status to stop decoration design, so that you can better meet the decoration effect of your target customer groups.


Needle on high-end groups, is not magnificent is good, generally elegant, the overall decoration design is very tasteful, the private room must have, but try not to set up a unified style, such as business suite, friends gathering suite, or warm suite, in the room and other different styles. We should try our best to have complete equipment.


Needle on the low-end groups, we are mainly warm, simple, do not need too luxurious design, we pay more attention to the mind and creativity, such as painting a simple mural on the wall, or to make a message wall is a very good attention, although it seems simple, but it gives people a different kind of. Such a feeling, such a simple style of expression than those thousands of articles without soul are more popular, focusing on absolute cost savings.



Second is to highlight product characteristics and positioning.


You need to understand what your main product is, and then stop decorating according to my practice. It's not practical to open a baozi shop but decorate it into a Western restaurant. At the same time, we should highlight the characteristics of products, highlight a bright spot in decoration, so that consumers have memory, and promote their secondary consumption.


The third is that money should be spent on the edge of the knife. The central part of the spending should not be saved.


Although we are constantly trying to save money in front of us, there are some safe places in the restaurant, so we can't cut corners. For example, the decoration of hydropower, including some equipment of the back kitchen, is related to the safety of employees and consumers. We must pay attention to it. We must choose the right information and equipment as far as possible, and find professional personnel to construct it, so as to ensure reliability.


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