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  During the outbreak, how to disinfect the office? With the end of the Spring Festival holiday, many people began to rework. The office decoration editor reminded CDC to pay attention to the prevention and control of the office epidemic and create a healthy and safe office environment.


  The novel coronavirus is mainly transmitted by droplets in the air. The density of office personnel is high, and the personal protection chain of reworking personnel cannot be relaxed. When wearing masks in the office, be sure to wear them scientifically and replace them in time.


  If you come back to other cities of Miyun for the first time, cooperate with the health department to carry out health monitoring 14 days before work, monitor the body to ensure there is no abnormality, then go to work, temperature detection during work, normal work unit, office if many people wear masks, everyone should keep a distance from each other, and other offices will open windows for ventilation, More open two or three times a day, the other is to wash your hands and pay attention to personal hygiene at work.



  Reduce centralized meetings. Participants should wear masks when necessary. Windows shall be opened for ventilation at any time. Disinfect the venue and furniture after the meeting. Make your own tea set or use disposable paper cups.


  At the same time, as far as possible, such as lift room, dining room, conference room, staircase, toilet and other public parts, spray disinfection is used as far as possible. When cleaning the utensils, separate the different areas and avoid mixing. The door handle, keyboard and mouse, stationery and desktop of the office shall be disinfected (containing alcohol and chlorine) as necessary.


  The unit has an elevator, because the elevator is sealed and sterilized, which may not achieve certain effect, we must wear masks in the elevator, do not directly touch the elevator buttons, office computer keyboard, mobile phone and other office supplies with 75% alcohol every day.


  Visitors should wear masks when visiting on business. Before entering the office building, take the temperature test first, and introduce whether there is any contact history with Hubei and symptoms such as fever, cough, dyspnea, etc. There is no such situation, and the temperature is 37.2 ° normal situation, can enter the construction industry.


  When dining in the canteen, you should choose the wrong peak time to avoid crowding. The dining room is sterilized once a day, and the tables and chairs are sterilized after use. In addition, employees are advised to walk, ride or take private cars or buses instead of public transportation for commuting. If you have to take public transport, be sure to wear a mask and try not to touch anything in the car. During the epidemic prevention period, before and after removing the mask, do a good job in hand hygiene, put the discarded mask into the designated garbage can, and disinfect the garbage can twice a day with 75% alcohol or chlorine containing disinfectant.


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