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  Today is the decoration, many people will have their own family decoration, especially the wall decoration is more attentive, the wall is beautiful, after all, it will bring people different experience, so many people will choose diatom mud paint, diatom mud quality also has good and bad, however, how to choose good diatom mud? Jinan tooling decoration company will take you to know!


  From the color of diatom mud


  Jinan mold company believes that the main component of diatomite is diatomite, which is natural and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless, but has a single color. The colorful diatomite products on the market are all processed by later factories with pigments.


  Some manufacturers use inferior pigments to reduce costs. Diatom mud looks brighter and more colorful than natural pigments, but because it contains toxic substances such as heavy metals, long-term use will cause harm to human body, and the color will be changed soon after the color is kept for a short time. The diatom mud made of natural pigment is soft in color and even in use. After coating, the eyes look comfortable without uncomfortable feeling. Diatom mud uses natural inorganic pigment, safe and environmental protection, non-toxic and harmless!

  2. 硅藻泥的耐高温性能

  2. High temperature resistance of diatom mud


  Diatom mud has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and non combustion, which can not be ignited by fire in daily life, and has good heat insulation performance.



  3. Water absorption from diatom mud


  Jinan mold company believes that because of the porous structure of diatomite, which is more than 6000 times of the ultra-fine pore of activated carbon, diatomite mud can not only absorb formaldehyde in the air, but also has a strong water absorption. Good diatomite mud can spray water 20 times at the same location without dropping water, and it will not fade or fall with hands.


  But the inferior diatom mud, as long as sprays on several times will have the moisture to drop, the water absorption is not good, with the hand touch will drop the powder to fade. The adsorption capacity of diatom mud is stronger than that of general diatom mud, of course, the water absorption capacity is also stronger.

  4. 感觉来自硅藻泥

  4. It feels like it comes from diatom mud


  Due to the characteristics of diatom mud itself, the painted wall can be a gentle feeling. It is very loose to touch with hands, and the feeling we like. Our commonly used cork of thermos bottle is delicate and comfortable, and the design is smooth and smooth.


  And some poor diatom mud because it is mixed with many other impurities, it gives a cold feeling, rough hands feel very uncomfortable, the formation of patterns is also very fuzzy.

  5. 硅藻泥的味道

  5. Taste of diatom mud


  Diatomite is made of natural diatomite. It has only fresh soil and no pungent smell. When you choose to buy, you can take a small number of samples and put them into water for mixing. If you can smell the pungent smell, the quality will be very poor.


  The above is the selection skills of the diatom mud in Jinan tooling decoration company. Through the introduction of this article, we must have a certain understanding of the diatom mud. In addition, we remind you that diatom mud will easily deform, so the wall is dirty. Do not scrub it with wet cloth. If there is much dust on the wall, you can flick the wall with feather duster. If there is any fingerprint, you can wipe it with eraser.


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